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eSET Invitation

During the ninth week of each term, students will receive an email asking them to begin evaluating their courses for the term. For specific dates for the current term, please visit the calendar.

When you enter the eSET system, you will have an opportunity to evaluate each instructor assigned to teach each course section for which you are registered. Instructors assigned to classes with one percent or less teaching responsibility will not be included.


Declining Evaluations

Students have an option to decline to evaluate any course or instructor, but we ask that you please take your evaluations seriously and complete them - do not just hit the decline button. Currently the decline button is located at the bottom of the evaluation page.


If you have questions about eSET, please contact Stefani Dawn at 541-737-0919, stefani.dawn@oregonstate.edu or Beverly Dirks at 541 737 7463, Beverly.Dirks@oregonstate.edu  

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