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Graduate Assessment

Graduate Assessment Schedule

The Graduate School and APA work together for graduate program assessment. The Graduate School coordinates and oversees graduate assessment and APA manages the SharePoint website for document management.

  • The graduate school has adopted a modified version of the new annual Assessment Report Templates, the graduate assessment report template (Master's template and Doctoral Template), and has set the following due dates for graduate programs:
  • All graduate programs should have submitted revised assessment plans and their first annual report to the SharePoint website.
  • Beginning in 2014 graduate assessment and program evaluation reports are due April 1.

If you have additional questions about graduate assessment plans or reporting, please contact Steph Bernell at Stephanie.Bernell@oregonstate.edu, 737-9162. You may also visit their website: http://gradschool.oregonstate.edu/faculty/program-assessment


Approved Graduate Learning Outcomes

The Graduate Council and Faculty Senate approved the overarching Graduate Learning Outcomes for doctoral and masters programs (doctoral - on Jan 13, 2011 and Masters - on April 14, 2011).

The graduate outcomes, as approved by Faculty Senate, are presented here:

For PhD Degree programs:

“As a result of successfully completing the requirements toward the Ph.D., students shall:

a. Produce and defend an original significant contribution to knowledge;
b. Demonstrate mastery of subject material; and
c. Be able to conduct scholarly activities in an ethical manner."

It is the responsibility of each program to develop and periodically review additional meaningful, degree-specific learning outcomes. 

"These outcomes are to be assessed at the program level. Outcome (a) is already part of the assessment performed at the final oral exam and the GCR is specifically required to raise this metric. Outcome (b) is part of every unit’s requirements for students and is assessed by course work grades and preliminary examinations. Outcome (c) is new and will require the units to be sure the students are informed/trained as to what is required to conduct scholarly activities in an ethical manner. There is an array of methods the units could choose to use, such as the Graduate School course on RCR, along with other courses, instruction in research groups, etc.”

For Master’s Degree programs:

The Graduate Council approved  the following motion regarding the Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs) for Master’s students:

a. Conduct research or produce some other form of creative work, and
b. Demonstrate mastery of subject material, and
c. Be able to conduct scholarly or professional activities in an ethical manner

It is the responsibility of each program to develop and periodically review additional meaningful degree-specific learning outcomes.