APAA - Assessment

Baccalaureate Core Courses

In addition to having the appropriate Baccalaureate Core Student Learning Outcomes (BC-SLOs) on the course syllabus, the committee needs to know whether there are existing assessments that align with the BC-SLOs and if not, what is planned. Each BC-SLO needs to have at least one assessment clearly aligned to it. You will be asked to describe those assessments and summarize findings related to the question “How are students in this course doing with respect to achieving each relevant Baccalaureate Core Category Learning Outcome?”

The BCC is NOT asking for an upload of data but is seeking quality, detailed information about student learning relative to the BC-SLOs. There are two primary reasons for this: (1) to determine the level of alignment of BC-SLOs in a course; and (2) to identify potential trends in student strengths and weaknesses relative to the BC-SLos across the Bacc Core. The expectation is that Units will archive their own data and maintain their own supporting processes suited to local culture.

We invite honesty in the evaluation of where a course stands. This lets the BCC know the status of each course, and, more importantly, it provides a roadmap of next steps in refining that course or even making changes to the larger bacc Core core program (beyond individual courses).

Please visit the Baccalaureate Core assessment website for step-by-step instructions. An example of the types of answers we may see at this point in time is provided.