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Baccalaureate Core Review Workshops

Baccalaureate Category Review workshops will be offered in Fall 2015 to help faculty and administrators prepare for the upcoming reviews for:

  • Western Culture
  • Cultural Diversity
  • College of Liberal Arts
    • Writing, Literature and Film
    • Psychology
    • School of Arts and Communication

In the workshop we will cover the review process, strong and weak responses, how to report for courses that have multiple sections or multiple faculty or GTAs that teach it, Student Evaluation of Teaching Questions, and how the Category Review Process helps students and the university as a whole (it does go beyond individual course review).

Copies of the questions that were asked as part of the 2014 review are provided for your reference. Please note these questions may change some for your review, however they should be very similar.

  • Difference, Power, and Discrimination (DPD) Review Form Questions
  • Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC) Review Form Questions
  • WIC Assignment Summary Chart for the Review

Baccalaureate Core Grants and Awards


Academic Programs, Assessment, and Accreditation (APAA) and the Baccalaureate Core Committee are pleased to announce three winners of a $500 award recognizing excellence in Baccalaureate Core assessment for the 2013-14 Skills and WIC Category Review. Winning course review forms clearly aligned assessments with Student Learning Outcomes, provided evidence to support conclusions about student learning for each of the outcomes, and described plans. The winners are:

  • Trischa Goodnow - COMM 114
  • Scott Heppell - FW 454
  • John Lambrinos - HORT 318


Academic Programs, Assessment, and Accreditation (APAA) is pleased to announce that the project "Using Queer Studies to Assess Student Understanding of Difference" (PI, Nancy Barbour) was awarded a $5000 grant to gather student learning data for Baccalaureate Core assessment. Nancy has been working with Drs. Qwo-Li Driskill and Michael Floyd on this project.

A new Request for Proposals will be released in early September 2014 for departments/academic units or a group of faculty to submit a research plan to gather student learning data for corresponding Student Learning Outcomes from a minimum of 3 Baccalaureate Core (Bacc Core) courses OR a single Bacc Core course with 3 or more distinct sections (not slash/cross listed) in the Baccalaureate Core Categories:

  • Western Culture
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Literature and the Arts
  • Social Processes and Institutions
  • WIC courses:
    • Writing, Literature and Film
    • Psychology
    • School of Arts and Communication
    • School of Language, Culture and Society
    • School of History, Philosophy and Religion
    • Public Policy
    • American Studies
    • Liberal Studies